Money-Saving Tips for Long Distance


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I’ve had my fair share of long distance romances over the years.  Some lovers were only five hours away, others I traveled from New York to L.A. to see.  I rationalized that the money spent every few weeks was minimal to how much it would cost if I were with someone everyday.  Anyway, what’s money when you’re in love?  Well, it can add up very quickly if you’re not careful.

If your lover lives more than 300 miles away and you’re willing to go the distance, here are some great money-saving ideas to help you spice things up without going in debt.

Technologically Together
Skype is the most cost effective and personal way to connect online.  This computer software program is easily downloadable and offers users the opportunity to make free phone calls to most areas.  The most unique feature is  its video conferencing capability which allows you to see and hear your honey, “live.”  Some couples spend time cooking a romantic meal, watching their favorite television show or even working out together all via video.  It’s amazing how technology has brought people together.

Cost: Free (in most situations)

Scribe your Sentiments
Love letters are the perfect way to let the other person know you’re thinking about them.  In an age where everyone seems to be rapidly firing off emails, take that extra step and snail mail your thoughts to the one you love.  To make it extra special, spray it with your own personal scent.  This will make your lover feel like you’re right there in the same room with them. 

Cost: 44 cents and a shot of cologne

Gifts from the Heart
Dorothy, a music teacher from Brooklyn, and Sam a computer specialist who lives in Florida met on an online dating site.  Their dating consisted of taking turns traveling to see one another every two to three weeks.  Unfortunately, neither of them could afford lengthy conversations on the phone during the days when they were apart.  Knowing that Sam loved when Dorothy sang to him, she decided to make a tape of her singing all of their favorite songs.  Sam could now hear her voice everyday.  If you can’t carry a tune, tape a personal message for your loved one instead.  But, remember to keep it clean.  You never know where the tape will end up. 

Cost: Under $5.00

Back to Basics
Nothing is better than talking to your sweetheart when you’re miles away, but phone calls can get pricey.  If you own a cell phone, one way to cut down on the bill is by signing on to the same service.  Most providers have plans that allow you to talk at no charge, if it’s within the network.

Cost: Free if you sign up for the same cell phone service

All Charged up
If possible, put your daily expenses on one credit card that features a good rewards program with travel points.  Before you know it, you could accumulate enough to get a free flight or train ticket for a romantic rendezvous.  Have your sweetheart do the same thing on their end to double up on your time together.

Cost: Your regular living expenses plus fees and taxes for travel once you do earn enough reward points to book your ticket

Lori Bizzoco is a writer, journalist and blogger living in Brooklyn, NY.  She is currently working on a memoir detailing how she found love in less than a year. For more dating advice, follow her on twitter @loribizz.

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