Twitter Top 10: Who To Follow For Marriage Advice

marriage advice on twitter

Follow these tweeps for marriage news, advice and true stories via Twitter.

We've already introduced you to so many fabulous and knowledgeable Twitter folks. There were the ones dispensing dating advice. ... The guys who are tweeting about love (and, okay, a fair amount of sex). ... The actual sexperts. And the advice columnists. So where can we go from here? How about directly down the aisle? Today, we present to you 10 YourTango-approved tweeps tweeting about marriage.

1. @themarryblogger

Stu Gray, a Tennessee-based blogger, clames to be "into great marriages." His tweets reflect this, as he's always sharing advice on how to make your marriage work, and digging up interesting news and marriage-based communities for his followers.

Sample Tweet: 20 Ways to Keep Your Spouse Lusting After You (new @themarryblogger) +don't miss the great comment by @thegirlburgan!

2. @blogmarriage

Sig Yanosway is the founder and author of Marriage Counseling Blog, a blog that covers marriage (natch), family and counseling. His Twitter account is a feed from his blog, whose posts run the gamut from relationship advice to counseling suggestions.

Sample Tweet: Working Your Marriage Skills: Apologizing to your partner can help you mend some of the hurts in your relationship...

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