Tiger Woods & Elin: Marriage On The Mend?


One day after Tiger's apology speech, he and Elin took the kids on a trip.

Although Elin Nordegren did not attend Tiger Woods' public apology on Friday, she seems to be sticking by him at a time when many women would be preparing for a very messy divorce.

On the day of the press conference, Elin was photographed while dressed nearly head to toe in Nike—the one sponsor who remained loyal to Tiger, refusing to drop him in the wake of his sex scandal. Then on Saturday, Elin was seen shopping with her two-year-old daughter Sam, who was sporting a pair of Nike sneakers. According to Usmagazine.com, Elin then enjoyed an afternoon game of tennis with Tiger before she, Sam and son Charlie, 1, boarded a plane out of Florida bound for who-knows-where.

In his speech, Tiger did not reveal if he and Elin had plans to split. Both of them have stopped wearing their wedding rings, but they have also been spending a lot of time together. Maybe the absent rings are just a symbol of a fresh start? Or maybe their marriage is over and they're just putting on a brave face for their two young children?

A lot of women could forgive a man for slipping up once, but can Elin really forgive Tiger for so many affairs? And so soon after finding out about them? Perhaps she could, if she believes that his apology was genuine. But at least one person doesn't believe it: Dr. Gilda Carle. The psychotherapist told RadarOnline.com that Tiger is a "narcissist and a sociopath," and gave this reaction to his speech:

He was uncomfortable in this new role as 'somebody who was very sorry,'  in this new role as a 'vulnerable and flawed character,' and sociopaths will go to any length to appear to be something they are not...What he is really sorry about is that he lost the endorsements and the ability to play golf, and most importantly the image of being 'Mr. Perfect.'

She seems to be on to something there...but we hope for Elin and the kids' sake that it's not entirely true.

Scoop via Celebitchy. Photo via WENN.com.