Tiger Woods Buys Boat For Elin, Preps For Speech

Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren

Friday is Tiger's big day. Will Elin stand by her man or sail off into the sunset?

Tiger Woods will finally "begin the process of making amends" for his very public philandering in a public speech at PGA Headquarters on Friday morning. He is expected to apologize to his fans for "letting them down" and then discuss his plans for the future. No questions will be allowed. Tiger Woods Admits He "Let Family Down"

Not only is the world waiting with bated breath to hear what Tiger has to say, but we're also wondering where Elin Nordegren will be during her husband's address. Will she go the Hillary Clinton route by throwing on a nice pantsuit and standing stoically by his side, or will she take Jenny Sanford's road less traveled and give him a metaphorical middle finger by watching the speech from home like everyone else?

According to PopEater, Elin is leaning towards skipping the media circus. Their insider says,

It's hard enough for her to try and make this marriage work after what he did to her and their children...The last thing she wants to do right now is stand next to him in front of him and the world's press. What message is she sending to her daughter and women and girls around the world?

Tiger may be hoping that he can sway Elin toward attending his press conference with his newest peace offering—a $3M dive boat named Solitude, purchased and had designed specially for Elin, an avid diver. Then again, we hear that Solitude isn't nearly as large as tiger's other yacht, Privacy, so Elin may be unimpressed. Perhaps Tiger should have shelled out a bit more. Like, say, $11M? (One million for every mistress.) Buying Your Way Out Of Infidelity

So, what do you think, readers? Will Tiger give a genuine apology? Should he even have to apologize (to anyone other than Elin)? And what should Elin do? Do these two have any chance of repairing their marriage? Although Tiger and Elin have both taken off their wedding rings, Elin has put an indefinite hold on divorce proceedings and the two have been spending more quality time together. But is their damaged relationship even worth an attempted save?

Scoop via TMZ, People and PopEater. Photo via Getty Images.