Shucks! Looks Like Ryan Gosling Has A Girlfriend

Ryan Gosling's Girlfriend

And her name is Hilary Rowland, a self-proclaimed "Internet pioneer."

It's taken a while for Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams to move on from their made-in-Nicholas-Sparks-heaven romance (admittedly so has it been for us all), but it looks like they both have! 10 Reasons We Love Nicholas Sparks

Well, each in their own way.

Last we heard from Rachel McAdams she was perfectly happy living the single life after a brief hiatus for a summer romance with Josh Lucas, her co-star in Morning Glory. "I'm pretty good on my own," she said to Vogue recently — but suggests that when she does settle down once again, Mr. Right will come in the form of a writer.

No word if she's found her literary lad yet, but at least she's charging onwards.

As is Ryan Gosling, who was spotted getting snuggly with a cute blonde this Valentine's Day at The Chateau Marmont. And no, it was not with Michelle Williams.

Her name is Hilary Roland, a 29-year-old who fancies herself somewhat of an Internet pioneer. Hmm...

According to a source for In Touch Weekly, "It isn't a romance yet, but they are friends and they really seem to like each other."

For more info on Ryan's new bit**, err.. girlfriend visit HilaryRowland.com.