Susan Sarandon's Wild Single Life


Lady is living it up at 63 and single.

Since breaking up last year with her longtime partner, Tim Robbins, Susan Sarandon has been playing ping-pong with her much-younger business partner, shooting a role in Oliver Stone's Wall Street sequel, spanking pigs at rock shows, and popping up in the front row at Fashion Week. In short, the ageless actress is redefining what single and sexy mean for women over 50.

Susan and her partner in the New York table tennis club Spin, 32-year-old Jonathan Bricklin, have repeatedly denied that they're dating. But Susan isn't sitting at home by herself, either (although we wouldn't blame her, given the caliber of lovely West Village townhouse she lives in). Susan was snapped on Monday in the front row of Donna Karan's show at New York Fashion Week, alongside Demi Moore and Brooke Shields, all of whom might as well have been wearing a large sandwich board saying "Eat your hearts out, twentysomethings." Inside The Mind Of A Cougar

At the show, OK! asked Susan how her year was going, and the mother of three replied, "Really wonderful. It's been very tumultuous, but wonderful." Part of the tumult? Susan made an unannounced cameo in an Of Montreal show at the Highline Ballroom last month, in which she turned a man dressed in a pig costume over her knee and spanked him with a ruler. Yes. You read that right.

So what is going on? Is this all a case of Susan enjoying what is still, clearly, the prime of her life? After all, she's had six months to mourn the end of her relationship with Tim, while we've had barely two. Or is it some sort of slow-motion breakdown? We're inclined toward the former, first, because Susan Sarandon is irrepressibly awesome and can spank a pig if she wants to, and second, because if she was having a breakdown, we are confident she'd fly to St. Bart's and do it privately, in a pitcher of margaritas, because she is a classy lady. So spank on, Susan.

Via OK! and The Huffington Post. Photo via Bauer-Griffin.