Dating beyond Facebook


Facebook is a huge playing ground for singles. If you are on the hunt, you are already aware of many of the possibilities available to find and approach other singles within the Facebook network.

But what if you really like the social nature of Facebook, and you wish to find someone in your social circles? Friend of your friends appear all over the place - commenting on your friends' status lines, tagging their photos, and playing with your friends apps; but come to think about it, you don't really get to see many of these 2nd degree friends this way.

Another, more promising approach is to look at the friends list for each one of your friend. If you notice a smiling, good looking, promising face, you can always go through to their profile, and if you feel it might be it, you can poke or send a message, or maybe even ask for a reference from your common friend.

This 'friends scanning' approach, where you sift through your friends' friends lists, may be frustrating and time consuming. Can you really look at each one of your 450 friends, and browse through a list of hundreds of small photos. Foe each photo, you need to figure out if it is of the righ gender, age, location. Is the person on the photo married or already in relationship? The only way to find out the answer to all these questions is to click through to the profile. It is obvious that practically, if you go this way, you may miss many of potential good matches.

What about the dating apps? These are much better geared to handle the masses. The most important thing is that you you get a better indication on the user's relationship status. Also, in some of these apps, you can set criteria and search for appropriate users. So what do we miss here? Well, these apps, although using Facebook as their underling platform, are not social oriented, but rather uses a pool of FB users to look at..

The new breed of social networks for dating needs to combine these two approaches., for example, does all of this and more.

What if you could search the friends of your friends, and their friend as well for singles you may be interested at? What if you can see the paths linking you and the one you liked? You would be able to set your criteria and search a large pool of singles, but you also remain within your social circles, and can, if you really want, get the referral of a common friend.
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