Brooke Mueller's Pre-Rehab Party

Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen

Charlie Sheen watched his wife booze it up before she checked herself in.

Just when you think that Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller's relationship couldn't get more dysfunctional, it does. According to a RadarOnline exclusive, Brooke checked herself into a treatment facility for crack addiction last week, but not before having "one final party" with Charlie. After the couple's February 8 appearance in an Aspen court, where Charlie faced assault charges stemming from Brooke's claim that he threatened her with a knife, they returned to L.A. and Brooke (with Charlie by her side) went on a major pre-hab booze binge. Study Suggests Couples Often Share Drinking Problems

Although her lawyer continues to deny it, Brooke had just returned from a North Carolina rehab, where she was secretly sent last month following her hospitalization for pneumonia. Apparently, that brief stint didn't take (some friends even tried to sneak drugs into the hospital) and Brooke entered a Malibu facility, after family members begged her to seek help.

'Everyone around her wanted her to get help...Her mother has been attempting to convince her to go into rehab for a while now,' the source told

Brooke has been boozing heavily and smoking crack for months, according to the source. She was drunk at 8:30 am Christmas when she called 911 and told cops that Charlie held a knife to her throat and threatened to kill her. [Source:]

So, considering Brooke's present problems, troubled past, and altered state of mind the night she accused her husband of threatening to kill her, we assume that Charlie will be found not guilty of the charges against him—which is clearly the way Brooke wants it now. We would like to say that we don't care what happens to this dysfunctional duo but, since there are kids involved, we hope that they can get their act together. 6 Things You Don't Know About Charlie Sheen

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