Did Leonardo DiCaprio Propose To Bar Refaeli?


Bar Refaeli seen in Berlin with ring on fourth finger.

Leonardo DiCaprio's on-and-off girlfriend, model Bar Refaeli, was seen yesterday at the Berlin Film Festival wearing a gold ring on her left-hand ring finger, leading observers to speculate that the two have gotten engaged. Of course, if Leo had gotten engaged, you would have heard our sixteen-year-old selves keening with grief from the recesses of the past. Come on, remember how he was the Robert Pattinson of 1998?

Leonardo and Bar have been dating and breaking up periodically since late 2005, most recently splitting last summer, reportedly because he wasn't ready to settle down. They were back together at the Berlin Film Festival over the weekend; Leo's new film, Shutter Island, is screening at the annual fest, as is his 2000 collaboration with Martin Scorsese, Gangs of New York.

The Daily Mail snapped Bar, Leo, and Leo's mom, Irmelin, at a charity dinner on Monday, and the German paper Bild reported that he'd proposed on Valentine's Day. The only problem with this theory? Look at the ring. That is obviously not an engagement ring. Hell, that's barely an I-like-you-enough-to-stop-sleeping-with-other-models ring. That skating rink on Nicole Richie's hand is an engagement ring (if you look closely, you can see a tiny, tiny Johnny Weir doing triple loops on it). That thing Bar is wearing is, well, nice. But it's not let's-get-hitched jewelry. When Will He Propose? Men Reveal Their Secrets

And so the Leonardo DiCaprio Bachelor Show goes on. All of his mid-'90s catting-around friends seem to have settled down, most famously Tobey Maguire, who's so firmly entrenched in family life we're not even hearing rumors about him. But Leo appears to be committed to his serial monogamy, or just his relentless pursuit of models. Nothing wrong with that, and it keeps our sixteen-year-old selves from wanting to claw out the eyes of whatever woman he eventually marries.

Via The Daily Mail. Photo via Bauer-Griffin.