Finally, The Male "Pill" Is THIS Close

male birth control, injection

Forget a vasectomy, brah. There's a new male birth control on the horizon (maybe).

According to the Herald Sun, scientists haven't given up the Holy Grail of a male birth control that can bridge the gap between boring, erection-threatening condoms and the semi-reversible vasectomy. Per the Herald Sun, these men (and women) of science are currently skirting the traditional daily oral tablet route, as it's apparently "common knowledge" that men cannot be trusted to remember to take a pill every single day because we are completely unaccountable when it comes to birth control of all types and medication in general. Read: Why Women Can't Rely On Male Birth Control

So, the current plan involves replacing the pill with the jab (that's what Aussies and Brits call injections via hypodermic needle). Every two months the guy will receive two shots and "trick" his brain into ceasing production of sperm because men's brains can't be reasoned with to mothball the baby batter factory. The treatment requires a few sessions to become useful. Read: 7 Ways Male Birth Control Will Change Everything

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