Sexlets Gum Helps Men Perform


Hey fellas—want to pack more punch? Pop a Sexlet!

If you've got a slight (secret) libido problem and too much pride to ask for Viagra, fear not. The scientific powers that be have dreamt up a product that's perfect for your garden variety, below-the-belt limpy—erection-enhancing chewing gum! Wonderbra For Men's Pants Is A Bad Idea

Sexlets, which officially hits the market in a few weeks, contains ginseng, Vitamin E, yohimbe bark and orchic powder. Orchic powder is the fancy term for crushed-up bull testicles, and Yohimbe bark, if ingested in the right amount, has been proven to increase blood flow to the genitals. If you don't overdo it, that is. Urologists warn that too much Yohimbe bark has led to kidney failure, seizures and death. Yikes. Sunbathing & Other Natural Aphrodisiacs

The New York Daily News was lucky enough to chat with the inventor of the brand (and loyal sexlet chewer) who, of course, sang its praises.

Tommy Babil, a 37-year-old married dad, calls it money well-spent—and says he speaks from experience. "The first thing I noticed was more energy," said Babil, who chews three sticks a day—every day. "Then, after about four days of chewing, I noticed the erections were stronger. It's more like a chewable vitamin. I chew my multi-vitamins every day and chew my Sexlets every day."

A pack of 15 goes for $11.97, which isn't awful but can surely be an expensive grocery bill add-on if you pummel through a pack a workweek as Babil does. According to the paper, the vitamin-looking tablet breaks down into powder before turning into a peppermint-flavored gum.

Hm. We're throwing this a skeptical side-glance, especially since Babil claims one has to try out four (over a quarter of the pack) before noticing any bodily changes. But, hey, there's a lot to be said for energy-boosting ginseng coupled with clever packaging. Sexlets could be just the gentle placebo needed to make a healthy dude feel like the sexual equivalent of Ron Jeremy. Porn Camp To Open In Tampa