Strip Clubs Are Silly, Not Scandalous

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It's not a big deal if he attends a xxx-rated bachelor party.

"Oh no!" My boyfriend started moaning. "This is not going to be a classy affair! Do I have to go?"

As far as invitations go, this one was direct: Montreal. Drinking. Strippers. Ah, yes, an invitation to a bachelor party from one of his high school buddies.The Frisky: Mind Of Man: Why We Love Strippers

"He's one of your best friends," I shrugged. "It would hurt his feelings if you bailed."

"But it's going to be awwwwwwwful!" The Frisky: First Time For Everything: Rough Sex

And that's how I found myself in the rather odd position of a woman who has less of a problem with her guy going to a bachelor party than he does.

Nothing about this bachelor party upsets me. Really, the idea of "bachelor party" in our popular culture has me rolling my eyes because it's so tawdry, so gross. "Strip club" brings to mind seedy stuff like Heather Graham in The Hangover or Lindsay Lohan in I Know Who Killed Me, or, on the darker side, the Duke lacrosse team scandal. Dealing with any of that is not what I'd call "fun" and I believe my boyfriend when he says he doesn't even want to go this thing. "I just hate seeing people humiliated," he told me the other night. I asked if he meant the strippers or his friends. "Everyone!" he insisted. "I don't want to watch some woman doing something she probably doesn't want to do and pretending to act like she likes it and I don't want to watch my high school friends getting hard-ons!" The Frisky: 10 Celebrities Who Were Strippers

The only way he would enjoy strippers, he told me, is if they were "classy" like the prostitute Belle on Secret Diary of a Call Girl. This sounds like his type — natural body, low-key makeup, pretty lingerie — you know, someone who dresses like me. So why should I be angry with or offended by double-D boobs, g-strings, fake nails, and lots of makeup? I feel bad for him that he has to sit through the whole thing. The Frisky: MERRIMe, A New Web Comedy About Online Dating

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