Being Broken Up With Is A Win-Win Situation

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Don't believe us? See our 9 reasons why it's better to be the dumpee than the dumper.

4. No Settling: You're finally free to find someone who will actually appreciate you, rather than being stuck in a one-sided relationship.

5. No Doubt: You know exactly how they feel about you and where you stand, perhaps for the first time in the relationship. And do you really want to keep wasting your time on something that isn't working?

6. Retail Therapy: Especially now that you don't have to buy your ex a V-day gift, you can buy yourself something pretty, guilt-free! You earned a shopping spree to take your mind off things. While you're at the mall, pick up some sexy panties for your hot rebound!

7. Support Group: You get the sympathy. So, testify! And for the record, Ben & Jerry will always be there for you in your time of need.

8. Bounce Back: You get to have carefree, wild nights out on the town. If you never had dated someone, you wouldn't have the motivation to really let loose.

9. Second Helping: There's a good chance you'll get to enjoy watching them crawl back to you, eventually. They always come back for more, don't they? And then you'll finally get to reject them—and that's twice as sweet.

Written by Simcha Whitehill for The Frisky

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