5 Date Ideas Inspired By The Winter Olympics

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The two of you can have fun with these cold-weather sports...even if you're not gold-medal material.

Been hiding out indoors all winter long, because you're loath to go out in this cold weather? Us, too. The thing is, it can be dangerous to spend every single night with your sweetie doing nothing but watching your latest DVR'd shows. While we're all for the occasional evening on the couch—paired with some great takeout and a glass or two of wine—relying on this every night can quickly lead to a serious dating rut (and a major case of the stir-crazies). So take some tips from this year's winter Olympics and try out these cold-weather activities. Because a bit of friendly competition, plus the accompanying adrenaline rush, can lead to one winning date...even if neither of you are Olympics material. 7 Reasons Winter Romance Rules

1. Olympic Event: Alpine Skiing
Olympic-worthy Date: A Day at the Slopes
You can make a weekend of it, or get a day pass. If you're a complete novice, start out with a private instructor, and then hit the bunny slopes. If you're already an expert, race each other down the black diamond. At the end of the day, relax in the lodge—all cuddled up in front of the fireplace—with a mug of hot cocoa. When you get home, you can thaw yourselves out even further with a shower for two. Check out Goski and SkiCentral to find the closest slopes and ski resorts.

2. Olympic Event: Bobsledding
Olympic-worthy Date: Sledding
If you're unwilling to shell out the cash for the chance to hurl yourselves down a mountain while balancing yourselves on a pair of skis, take a trip back to childhood and go sledding and/or tubing. Props needed: One good-sized sled, which you can pick up on the cheap at Target or some other discount shop. Location: The closest steep incline. You may feel old and decrepit joining in with all the neighborhood toddlers but, in our opinion, the fun derived from sledding never diminishes, and it's even nicer when you have someone sharing your sleigh, their arms wrapped tightly around you.

3. Olympic Event: Figure Skating/Speed Skating
Olympic-worthy Date: Ice Skating
While there are those of us who can't move a muscle without falling on our butts, we hear that ice skating can—for some—actually be pleasant. So strap on your skates and hold hands all around the rink and, if you're feeling extra-sassy, throw in some pirouettes and pairs skating spins. f you're up for something a little more competitive, hold your own speed skating event, and race each other around the ice. Just take care not to knock over any innocent bystanders (pretty please). Playing Games Is Good For Relationships

4. Olympic Event: Snowboarding
Olympic-worthy Date: Snowboarding
If you feel the urge to turn your nose up at skiing because it's just not exxxtreme enough (you're nuts; we're staying in the lodge), give snowboarding a go. It's sort of like surfing, except that it hurts more when you fall. But you never fall. You're too good for that. If you do, though, you can wrap up the day by giving each other muscle-relaxing massages.

5. Olympic Event: Ice Hockey
Olympic-worthy Date: Ice Hockey
Of course, if you've been spending your every waking hour indoors, you may be sick of each other by now. Couple friends to the rescue! Gather together all your favorites and get together for an on-the-ice scrimmage, boys against girls. We fully approve of in-game body slams. Fun And Free: Competition As Aphrodisiac