Are College Students Failing At Love?

dating on campus

Thanks to the gender imbalance on campuses, college students are earning a D-minus in dating.

This news makes me really sad. I've always thought that college should be a time to explore love and relationships with a sense of optimism and freedom. You have so many years of your adult life to be jaded about love—why start so early? Of more concern to me is the mentality that this creates for young men and women entering the adult dating world. Men will be deluded into thinking that women will be OK with being treated like garbage and women will think that they have to settle for idiotic guys. So while they may be passing their classes, young people seem to be failing at love. [New York Times] The Frisky: The Best (And Worst) Cities To Meet Men

Is this the experience on your campus? Please share your stories in the comments.

Written by Ami Angelowicz for The Frisky

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