Last Night's Valentine's Party...


It was Ranya's birthday :) Yes it's her real name. She is now a superstar ;) hehe
We went to Restaurant Vauvert — it was alot of fun, and definitely one of
my new favorite places to go for supper, drinks and dancing. Maybe it
was because of V-day, but SO many hot single guys! Single ladies, we're hitting this place up again soon!

CLICK HERE to read this post on my blog, with pictures :)

once supper was over, we got up from our table and the dancing began.
It was then that i noticed a man, dressed in argyle, with his
girlfriend who was passing out on his arm. He sat near us and he didn't
stop giving me these “come hither
looks. It was very disturbing. While talking to my friend who was
sitting near him, he managed to introduce himself and mention that he
had a room upstairs in the hotel. eewwww

continued my evening, avoiding Mr.Argyle's stares, but he succeeded in
getting the attention of my friends husband. Only to ask him if he had
cocaine or ecstasy. lol very classy. That explained the tripped-out
girlfriend he had on his arm. I think he was trying to find her a “little Valentine's Day treat”. ewww

So i had been scoping out guys all night long. Trying to decide which ones were too young for me (yes i always like the ones who look 22, lol.) ,which ones had potential, and which ones i should stay away from (aka Mr Argyle sweater).
I have to say, there was alot of eye contact going on. But for some
reason or another, i think guys are intimated to walk away from THEIR
group of guys and into MY group of girls... it sucks. You can see their
interested, but they stay clear. I think i need to get better at the “come hither look and smile” ;)

When the night was winding down, i was sitting, talking with my bestest (who's preggers and toughed out the whole night! good job lady!) and I noticed that this guy i'd been eying at the beginning of the night was standing near us, looking at me. I tried my sexy” look and smile, but he didn't budge. He kept looking , but wasn't making a move. I obviously need some coaching in that area! lol

My lovely and pregnant “wingman” tried her best at including him in our circle as we we sent her husband to get our coats. LOL

He was 2 feet away, and i thought; he's not even going to say hi now?!

Finally everyone was ready to go and i gave him one last look, hoping, and he FINALLY said something. He said: “Are you spoken for?cute.
And then went to say that he's sorry he waited so long to say something. Apparently “I was just so beautiful that he assumed that i'd have a boyfriend
very cute. It's Valentine's Day after all. I can accept some compliments, right?

So, i took his Facebook name. The new way of exchanging phone numbers for me. You can check out his profile (and his age!) without any pressure!

Only problem... i realized this morning... there's at least 7 profiles with that name, and his picture isn't on any of them! So, which one do i choose? The blank facebook silhouette, who only has 5 friends? The SNL puppets? The ski mask face (who's in a relationship!!!) — let's hope not. OR the high school senior?! (Let's REALLY hope not!!)

So... it took a chance on the SNL puppets profile. We'll see if he writes back.
Maybe my exchange of facebook information wasn't the best way to get someone's info...

Roxy xo
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