Mobile Love: Messaging Mistakes All

Mobile Love: Messaging Mistakes All

That little envelope appearing on the phone screen is today’s equivalent of AOL announcing “you’ve got mail.”  Text messaging and e-mailing are crucial to dating today--from that initial flirty message, to setting up plans, to being a primary form of relationship communications.

The dating world is split: some love the convenience and confidence that semi-anonymous text and e-mail communications allow. Others think it's the end of romance and good manners.  Love it or hate it, messaging is here to stay and the rules are being made up as we go along.  Messaging mistakes can cause serious, if unintentional, damage to a new relationship.  It's time to learn the new rules--and fast.

Avoid Temptation

Your honey goes to take a shower, leaving a cell phone brimming with texts unattended…the temptation to prowl through can sometimes be too much.  Snooping through an inbox that doesn't belong to you never ends well and puts serious damage to the trust level in your relationship.  If you suspect cheating, find a more honest way to confront the issue that doesn't make you guilty of electronic breaking and entering.

No You Didn’t
There’s one relationship communication where texting will always put you in the wrong: the breakup conversation.  If you've been seeing someone long enough that an official ending is necessary, you'll be forever branded as the Bad Guy/Girl if you  end things electronically.  Taking this coward's way out is sure to come back to haunt you--bad Karma can come in electronic form now too.

Get with the Program
Make all of these electronic dating tools work for you---and don't limit yourself to the lucky members of your digital black book.  Break out and start meeting more people online--Livelinks provides an online chat forum for anyone looking for new friends or wanting to practice flirting skills with other exciting singles.  Livelinks will connect you by phone and you decide whether to take things to the next level and meet in person or keep the thrill of the flirt in cyberspace.

Serve It on Ice
The old rules of playing (at least a little) hard to get still apply, even in the new world of digital dating.  Texting, e-mail, Instant Messenger, and cell phones let us respond immediately and expect instant gratification in return.  While these tools make us look responsible in the workplace, they can make us look over-eager, if not desperate, to prospective dates.  Putting things on ice doesn't mean freezing anyone out.  Build some suspense and mystery with flirty and breezy responses that will keep the recipient interested in what you'll say next.

Act Your Age
Getting the right message across electronically can cause some stumbling and it's easy to use short-hand abbreviations and emoticons to help us be saracastic and funny.  But if a message starts looking like an alphabet soup of "LOL OMG WTF JK TTYL" take a step back, realize you aren't a 14 year old texting her BFF and return to using at least some actual words.

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