Jon and Kate Plus 8 Threaten To Return


Jon Gosselin is willing to exploit his children again. After all, he needs the cash.

Jon and Kate have managed to keep us occupied during the long, dull hours with their 8,000 tabloid stories. Still, with all the trash that's out there, we've been experiencing something akin to compassion fatigue. Though it's definitely closer to agitation fatigue. So the news that Jon & Kate Plus 8 might be returning to the airwaves? Disturbing.

The New York Daily News reports that Jon and Kate are in talks to resume their dead-in-the-water reality TV show. Jon had originally filed a cease-and-desist letter against TLC in order to stop production on the show, claiming that the network was exploiting his children. But—now that he's drowning in legal bills, and facing charges from TLC that he was in breach of contract when he appeared on all those non-TLC talk shows—he's willing to once again fling his children into the spotlight in order to pay down his own debt.

"Jon does not have money for the intense lawyer fees and ensuing battle with the media giant and Kate has asked him to reconsider his decision for the family," a source says. "She is willing to negotiate with him and TLC so that everyone gets what they want."

Kate, meanwhile, is living large. She's appeared on The View, finished writing a new book (I Just Want You To Know, despite the fact that we really, really don't want to know anything), and is in talks to appear on an entirely new TLC series.

If anything, it's fascinating to see how the Gosselins have dealth with the aftermath of their separation and moved on. But please. Can we move on already?

Image courtesy of TLC