Texts From Last Night Provides Schadenfreude Fun

texting while out drinking
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The Texts From Last Night book proves that drunk texting has a purpose: to amuse us.

Just as dangerous as drunk dialing, we get the feeling that drunk texting is even more pervasive. Why? Because—in much the same way that hiding behind a computer screen makes anonymous commenters feel undeservedly emboldened—texting instead of talking is way less scary, especially when you're subconsciously aware of the fact that the item you're texting may come back to bite you in the booty. (This particular Love Buzzer has a bad habit of drunk-texting office crushes after particularly rousing happy hours.)

Have you fallen prey to the lure of the drunk text? Then surely you will appreciate the texts featured in Texts From Last Night (Gotham Books, $15) Text Message Flirting For Beginners

Texts From Last Night originated as a website founded by the (totally genius) Lauren Leto and Ben Bator way back in February of 2009. It was created as a forum for drunken fools to upload their most embarrassing texts. These texts now feed through to a Twitter account as well. You know, to maximize the possibilities for latent humiliation. Even if you have a pretty bad text habit yourself, you'll still be able to appreciate the worst of the worst (the best of the most horrifying?) in the TFLN book. So pick up a copy and experience that delicious sense of schadenfreude. Because even if you're bad, you're not this bad. Some of our faves:

 - (770)*: I got us kicked out of the bar because the waitress found me in the kitchen trying to make spaghetti

 - (226): forecast for tonight is alcohol, low standards and poor decisions

 - (646): the couple across the street's about to bang. go get the popcorn and come join us.

 - (440): I went to the gynecologist and they said, "you're the most fun person we've ever had," and i thought, "that's exactly why i'm here!"

 - (818): So I answered the door in my underwear expecting my boyfriend. Instead I opened the door to Mormon missionaries. Do you think that was a sign from God?

 - (917): My milkshake brings 85 to 90 percent of the boys to the yard

 - (919): so I was just driving high and I stopped to let a pinecone cross the road because I thought it was a hedgehog.

 - (215): I woke up wearing no shirt sleeping next to a half-eaten grilled cheese. / (717): Well did you call the grilled cheese yet? Or r u waiting the usual 3 days?

And there are more of these. Many of which are much more offensive. And which made this Love Buzzer laugh so hard she cried (though that could have been her hormones talking). Video: You Can't Text Message Breakup

Have you ever sent out a text you instantly regretted? Or perhaps one you'd just like to preserve for posterity? Please share. 4 Ways Text Messaging Changed Dating