Matt And Tamsen And The Man Panel Live!

matt and tamsen, matt titus, tamsen fadel

Ladies, get dating knowledge from Matt Titus, Tamsen Fadel & the Man Panel tomorrow.

If you're familiar with you're probably familiar with a very attractive and wise couple named Matt Titus and Tamsen Fadel. (PS: They show up in the bottom corner of A LOT of our videos). At any rate, one of the many things that Matt and Tamsen do is live events.

Tomorrow, New Yorkers, Matt and Tamsen have a great live event near Manhattan's Times Square. From 7 – 9 PM, Thursday February 11, at Havana Central (151 46th Street Between 6th and 7th Avenues), this dynamite duo will drop dating knowledge, largely for single ladies but everybody is welcome, and then open up the floor for questions for their… man panel. Matt and Tamsen will also be signing and selling their books, such as Why Hasn't He Called?

That's right the man panel, in all of its hilarious and candid glory, is back. Learn everything you want to know about guys but were afraid to ask*. And one of those straight-shootin' sons of guns will be yours truly, Tom Miller. Come for the honest answers, stay to try to make me blush.

Check out the link for more details and send RSVPs to Yudaly at

And check out the video above and to the left for a little taste of Matt and Tamsen.

*Note: If the question is a real doozy, you'll probably have to ask, but we promise to give you the honestest answer possible and will only giggle if it's really, really funny.