Hold the Onions Please


One thing I can say is that on a first date you should avoid eating certain foods…like a super strong garlic bread or lots and lots of curried beans.

So I was out with this guy and he took me to a pub-food restaurant. He ordered a burger and, like a gentlemen, he removed the onions from the top of it before he ate it. I thought “Wow, it’s like this guy can read my mind and he knows that the only food on the whole planet that I hate is the onion and that the last thing I would ever want to do it give a goodnight kiss to a gross nasty-tasting onion mouth.”

So we were chatting some more while we ate our meals. Then the waiter came to remove our (mostly) empty plates and to my horror, my date did the unthinkable. He reached for those disgustingly pungent raw onions and ate them one by one. Who saves onions for dessert?

Now, not only did he have horrible smelling hands for the rest of the date but his breathe was indescribably raunchy. I guess he couldn’t read my mind…or the saddened look on my face.

Well, on the walk to back to my place there was no hand-holding…and Mr. Onionlover only got a wave good night.