It Was Garbage


I went on a date with this guy and it was going okay. It wasn’t a super great connection but nothing was that bad. After we went to a movie, we were walking down the street. It was summertime and we were enjoying the stroll together just talking away.

Then out of nowhere I heard this loud vehicle pulling up beside us and I turn my head to see one of the city’s garbage trucks. As my date continued talking I was overwhelmed with a stench that I could even taste. I am sure my date smelt it too but was trying to be polite. So he kept talking and I kept listening, both of us acting like nothing was interfering with our good time.

Of course the truck was doing all the stops on our street and even when we would pass it, it would move forward to the next spot and we would be surrounded by garbage smell again. It was so disgusting. The smell was old food that had been baking in the summer heat and I really thought that I was soon going to vomit from it. We kept walking, but now with a quickened pace, my date finally made a comment about how bad it smelt and I decided I also couldn’t pretend anymore so I agreed and said “I’m sorry I really can’t take this so I am just going to run to the end of the street!”

Apparently he didn’t feel as strongly about fleeing the smell and as I ran down the street away from the garbage truck I noticed that I also had left my date behind. I finally stopped a few blocks ahead and when my date caught up, let’s just say he wasn’t impressed that a sprinted away from him on our first date.