Miss Fix It


This guy I dated had had no idea how to do anything on his own. I guess he had always had help with this stuff before he moved out or something. He set up a chin up bar in his apartment but put the hooks in upside down so the first time he tried it he fell flat on his face.
Then he bought three fans for his apartment during a crazy summer heat wave. I came over and they were all sitting on the ground dissembled. I asked him why he hadn’t put them together and he said he didn’t know how. So I said let’s do it together. We started working on them and I had assembled two of them while he was still trying to figure out the first one. So I took the one he was working on and finished it correctly.
The very next time I came over we were supposed to watch a movie together. I had picked up the dvd and I asked where his player was. He pointed to a box on the ground. He said “do you think you can set this up for me? You are really good at this stuff.