Who Is Alexsandra Wright? And Was She In 'Scrubs'?

Alexsandra Wright Photo Scrubs Beyonce

And, more importantly, is she the mother of Beyonce's new half-brother?

Alexsandra Wright is a 30-something L.A. businesswoman, former actress, new mother and last straw in the 29-year marriage of Matthew and Tina Knowles. Beyonce's Parents Divorcing

Last week, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Nixon. And this week, she made it clear that she will petition the former Destiny's Child manager for child support — that is after Mr. Knowles takes a DNA test, and after it's proved positive of course.

Per TMZ, "Wright — who once appeared on Scrubs — claims she had a relationship with Knowles that lasted 18 months. And, sources say, Wright claims she and Mathew picked out the baby name together."

Even though he has denied paternity in the past, a source close to E! says that Matthew has agreed to submit to the test if asked.

Curious as to what she looks like?

In this video, she's at the 5:17 mark.

In this video, she's at the 7:45 mark.



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