Sarah Silverman Finds The Single Life Weird


Serial monogamy didn't prepare Silverman for for the isolation of singledom.

Last week, Sarah Silverman shared with us the mushy-gushy details of her newest relationship. One of the number one things she loves about her new beau? The laughs. Thank god she's found someone who appreciates her. Because, apparently, being single was "weird."

In a forthcoming issue of Page Six MagazineSilverman shares the details of her short brush with singledom. What we know so far? "This was the weirdest time being single," she says. "I've always had long relationships, so I've never been single when people on the street know who I am. And it made it so…it felt a little isolating. Part of the fun of meeting someone is having them discover you. You're doing your little tap dance, like, 'This is me!' And then [the person has] all these preconceived notions, things that are partially true and partially not."

We know how she feels. We're Internet famous, and now everyone knows all the tiniest details of our lives, including our bad shopping habits and which lubes we like to use. There's no mystery. We'd bet that Sarah has it even worse. And when you have a history of serial monogamy, you've most likely been shielded from the least attractive aspects of singledom: holidays alone, being the third wheel, and having sweaty men dance-hump you at clubs. She was probably traumatized!

Congratulations, Sarah, for cutting your single stint short. We're sure there's still a lot for you two to discover about each other.