Community Blog: "Sex: How To Do Everything"

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As sex and relationship experts, we recently hosted a 10-episode UK television show called "SEX: How to Do Everything," which is now finally available in the States on DVD (perfect for Valentine's Day)! The series is chock-full of tips and techniques, from the ordinary to the super scandalous. Here are 10 of our favorite tidbits (but they're really just the tip of the show's iceberg!).

  1. The 69 is kind of like communism: great in theory, but not always so equitable in practice.
  2. You are what you ingest, whether that's pineapple and cinnamon (yum) or cigarettes and asparagus (yuck).
  3. Nobody puts Baby in a corner, and nobody tells her what she can and can't fantasize about, either.
  4. Fiber is one of the best things you can do for your sex life. Especially if you want to explore the backdoor.
  5. Intercourse is sex but sex isn't intercourse.
  6. When it comes to sex toys, you usually get what you pay for.
  7. Labia are as unique as snowflakes—and the only people who have pornstar labia are pornstars. (And that's probably because they paid to get them to look that way.)
  8. Faking an orgasm is not only bad etiquette (unless you're on a one-night stand), it sets you up for an entire relationship of really annoying sexual techniques that don't get you off.
  9. When it comes to seduction, embrace the cliches! Why reinvent the wheel when it comes to candlelight, good music, and massage?
  10. Why does a man with a bendy spine lick his Because he can!

"SEX: How to Do Everything" is available on DVD now. Em&Lo blog every day about sex, love, and everything in between at