Brangelina Sues Mag That Started Breakup Rumors

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

The dynamic duo are still together, and taking legal action to prove it.

Over the past two weeks, there have been roughly 50,201 tabloid tales about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie—they're together, they're apart, they're together but hate each other, they're apart because Jennifer Aniston cast some sort of voodoo spell—and all of them stem from a report published in the infamous UK rag News of the World. The story that started it all claimed that Brad and Ang secretly met with lawyers to divide their assets and arrange a custody agreement for their six children.

Since then, various friends and family members have come forth to state that the couple is still very much together. Brangelina never really addressed the breakup rumors directly, but have recently made a few affectionate public appearances to give the naysayers something to think about. But now Brad and Angelina have had it. They're going to court.

Us Weekly reports:

The couple’s lawyer Keith Schillings tells BBC News that Pitt, 46, and Jolie, 34, have begun legal proceedings against the 'News of The World' tabloid, which reported Jan. 24 that the two had agreed to divide their assets and made arrangements for the custody of their six children...Schillings tells the BBC that the tabloid report contained “false and intrusive allegations” and that the paper failed to meet a demand for a retraction and apology for the article which was 'widely republished by mainstream news outlets.'

Schillings says Sorrell Trope, a Los Angeles divorce lawyer identified by some publications as advising the two, denied claims that he had been in contact with the couple. 'I have had no contact from...Angelina Jolie and/or Brad Pitt,' Trope said in a statement. 'I have never met...your clients or had any involvement with either of them. The foregoing is true with respect to all other members of this firm.'

Brangelina has been a permanent tabloid fixture since they first got together, so if they're finally suing, the breakup rumors must be really hurting them. That, or this is all part of that "proper orchestrated PR break" that Angelina allegedly wants. Brangelina: Recent Rumor Roundup

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