What I Learned From The Swimsuit Issue


Youngish to middle-aged men owe a lot to both Sports Illustrated and Kathy Ireland.

What do Anne Vyalitsyna, Bar Refaeli and Gisele Bundchen have in common? OK, they've all been introduced to the business end of Mr. Leonardo DiCaprio's Titanic, but they are largely famous for gracing the cover and pages of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.

While print media has been taking a thumping, the SI's SI has been chugging right along. Like the Super Bowl, the Swimsuit Issue started in the 1960s, shows up in early February and is a MUST for big money advertisers. Where the Super Bowl and the Swimsuit Issue differ, however, is that one of them was not a backdoor way for young men to explore the form of the female body. Read: Men Ogle Women 43 Minutes A Day

While I believe my first run-ins with a lady's epidermis were courtesy of the army-themed comedies Private Benjamin and Stripes, the first and best skin-heavy print publication I ever saw was THE SWIMSUIT ISSUE. I believe I received a subscription to the seminal sports mag as a Christmas gift when I was too old to use action figures recreationally.

I informed a buddy at the bus stop that I got the sub and he was amped, for both of us. Since neither of us came from one of THOSE houses*, we'd have to settle for scintillating semi-nudity and the occasional sopping wet, transparent top. Two words: worth it.