The Best Of The Web: Settling And Do-It-All DVDS


He's flirting with my wife and the wilting power of girly decorations.

The web periodically has some pretty outstanding stuff about love, sex and all that good stuff. Here's the best of last week:

As you likely know, Lori Gottlieb is burning up the webs with her book Marry Him: The Case For Settling For Mr. Good Enough. And she wrote a fantastic article for us about the topic: Read: How To Fall In Love With Mr. Good Enough

Speaking of Marry Him, my bud Simone Grant sounds off on the idea of having it all and modern feminism, sorta. Having it all sounds really great up until "all" includes the herp or inoperable bunions. is on the Lori Gottlieb train as well. She mentions five things that absolutely should not be deal breakers. Mysteriously, "spent time in the pokey for something that was a total misunderstanding," was absent from the list.

LimeLife chimes in with a little fact about what's on people's lists… a kiss, a kiss... of the best things in life. Rather, research shows that dudes and chicks are both looking for sexy and funny. Read: Is It Better For A Man To Be Funny Or Rich?

Our homeys Em & Lo ( have a reader with a concern: a friend how constantly hits on his wife. I would add that husband to Dick Cheney as people never to go hunting with. Speaking of Em & Lo, buy their DVD Sex: How To Do Everything. It's informative, funny as a kitten playing peekaboo and dern sexy.

Over at The Frisky, they drop some relationship advice. Evidently, the décor of a man's domecile can totally take him out of the bone zone. Yep, girly homes may be an anti-Viagra.

Lemondrop flips the crypt on the notion that ladies ought to minimize eating on a date. And here I've been waiting for Ma'am v. Food like a sucker. Please enjoy the end of this video.

While we're talkin' about people with healthy appetites, Asylum lets us now of a little belly slappin' at Hedonism II. Jah makin' me hungry, girl, lordhavemercy!

The team at Nerve gets a little relationship advice from World Of Warcraft. Such as, never trust an Orc to brink protection. Read: I Could Have Been A World Of Warcraft Widow

And my bud Lost Plum, real name Lois Plumberger, discusses her deflowering.

As always, holler with other sites to cozy up to.