Gerard Butler Is Jennifer Aniston's B-Day Present

Jennifer Aniston Birthday Gerard Butler

So are they or aren't they? And is it to just make Brad mad?

They're hot (sparks fly while filming The Bounty Hunter) and then they're cold (he's seen kissing every woman on the corner). Now they're hot (remember the Golden Globes?) and getting hotter!

"Gerard Butler may have a penchant for flirting with various women, says the New York Daily News, "but there is only one gal he would fly to Mexico for: Jennifer Aniston."

That's right, during Jen Aniston's big 4-1 birthday celebration at the One & Only resort in Los Cabos, Mexico, she had a special package delivered to her.

Jennifer Aniston headed to one of her favorite getaway spots, Los Cabos, Mexico, where the actress is getting a jump start celebrating her 41st birthday – Aniston's big day is actually Feb. 11 – with a group of friends. But this year, she had a surprise birthday guest: Gerard Butler, her costar in the upcoming comedy, The Bounty Hunter. Last month, the two were spotted laughing and spending a lot of time together at the Golden Globes.

Aniston flew a large group of pals including Butler, Courteney Cox, her husband David Arquette and Sheryl Crow, whose birthday is also Feb. 11, to the One & Only Palmilla resort Thursday evening where the group is staying in a beautiful waterfront villa. [Source: People]

And if OK Magazine is to be believed, somewhere Brad Pitt is eating his tears. Still thinking she looks hot in the teeny bikini and "not thrilled" about their blossoming romance.

"[Brad] sees her leaning on Gerard's arm or starring into his eyes, and he can remember when she leaned on him like that — and when she looked at him in that way," says a 'friend' to the tab in last week's print edition. "He feels as jealous as a boyfriend or a husband would seeing their partner with another man on television."

Photo via Fame Pictures.