Lady Gaga: Starving Herself For Skarsgård's Love?

Lady Gaga Alexander Skarsgård

Cruel comments by Alexander Skarsgård have Gaga feeling insecure.

Last we heard, Lady Gaga was desperate to have a boyfriend — someone to whom she could "expose her true self."

Turns out that behind the eccentric costume is a real woman... with real emotions, vulnerabilities and complexes. And just like us, she can be made self-conscious by the demands of a tabloid culture and the thoughtless comments of a pig-headed man. What A Man Sees When You're Naked

According to sources "deep inside Camp Gaga," "people" are on the already-lithe star to lose weight, claiming that they had to "drape fabric over her thighs and shoot her backside with a softer lens" while filming her Paparazzi video last April. Top 10 Sexiest Female Stars Of 2009

Apparently that, and a purported crush on True Blood's Vampire Eric — aka the sexy Alexander Skarsgård — have Gaga "so self-conscious that she's practically stopped eating all together!"

According to an inside scoop from E! Online:

"Alexander was her love interest in the video and he was apparently very open about being less than enthusiastic about having to kiss her during the shoot," sasses Deep Gaga. "Alex didn't say anything to her face, but he made comments under his breath to crew members and made facial expressions that made it obvious that he was not into it."

Even if he had his eye on Ms. Skin-n-Bones Kate Bosworth, there really was no need for that kind of behavior. What. A. JERK!

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