Love Bytes: Wear Red, 11-Year-Old Mom & Super Bowl

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Go Red For Women Day, finding love at Super Bowl parties, and an 11 year old gives birth.

10 must-click love and relationship links: 

Today is National Wear Red Day! We're all about matters of the heart here at YourTango, so go out and look red-hot while promoting awareness about women's heart disease. [National Heart Lung And Blood Institute]

Steve Ward, master matchmaker and host of VH-1's Tough Love, gives advice on speed-dating and making a good first impression. [Glamour]

If getting married in a church isn't really your style, check out these six unique places to hold a wedding. [Divine Caroline]

Eek: A 9-year-old schoolgirl gave birth to a 6-pound baby in China this week. [The Frisky] And an 11-year-old American girl gave birth today. [FoxNews]

A clever infographic tells you everything you need to know about sperm, human or otherwise. [Buzzfeed]

Tired of meeting guys in bars? Draft a hot date at a Super Bowl party this weekend! [TresSugar]

A car owned by Charlie Sheen has been plunged off a cliff near Sherman Oaks, CA this morning. In between the marriage woes and likely charges for domestic assault, it looks like the troubled actor's year has been off to a rough start. [Popeater]

Sexiling is sooo college-esque. The 6 simple rules of getting laid when you share space with a platonic roommate. [Em and Lo]

Take it up on a notch on Valentine's Day by trying out one of these 8 hairstyles men love. [Cosmopolitan]

In case you haven't heard, a report came out this week claiming that abstinence-only education delays minors from engaging in sexual activity. Here's HuffPo's take on towing the line between science and common sense when approaching sex ed. [Huffington Post]