Twitter Top 10: Advice Columnists To Follow

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Follow these tweeps on Twitter if you can't get enough of their expert advice.

5. @AskDrRuth

Does Dr. Ruth Westheimer need any introduction? This psychosexual therapist has appeared as an expert in just about every medium, and now tweets about sex issues in the news. Twitter Top 10: Who To Follow For Sex Advice

Sample Tweet: Someone compared Walgreen's to a sex shop as you can get vibrators/massageoils/condoms I say great. Sex is natural. Should be everywhere

6. @JulieSpira

This cyber-dating expert dispenses love advice on sites like the Huffington Post and She uses her Twitter feed to cast an even wider net and, most recently, has been dishing her best Valentine's Day tips. 16 Valentine's Day Gifts For Guys

Sample Tweet: Want to increase the chance of having a dream date on Valentine's Day? Sign up for 3 online dating sites & Go on 3 dates a day.

7. @joseyvogels

Josey is a Canada-based sex and relationships columnist, and uses her Twitter feed to spread her sexy words, and ask thought-provoking, sex-related questions.

Sample Tweet: Who needs to be beautiful when you can be average looking and bring more to the table:

8. @HitOrMissJudy

Judy McGuire used to write Dategirl for New York Press, and now dispenses "bad" advice online, across a number of sites. We love her witty comments on the more mundane aspects of life. Spencer Pratt Gives Love Advice

Sample Tweet: Just unfollowed Snooki & The Situation. Their slapdash approach to spelling & grammar got on my nerves. I am granny, hear me roar.

9. @DodsonandRoss

Betty Dodson and Carlin Ross are two sex-positive feminists, spreading the sex advice gospel. They reguarly tweet links to their latest columns.

Sample Tweet: Insatiable Wives - Women Who Stray and the Men Who Love Them

10. @townsendcat

A UK-based sex columnist, Catherine Townsend tweets about sweet lovin'... and her writing process.

Sample Tweet: Thanks for V-Day suggestions! And I'm all for romance,but I say give cards/flowers/oral sex b/c you WANT to,not 'cause Hallmark says so :)

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