Win Back An Ex With Jessica Alba Plastic Surgery?

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A Chinese woman hopes to win back ex-boyfriend with plastic surgery to look like Jessica Alba.

While Facebook users play with the celebrity Doppelganger application that matches their face with a famous guy or gal's, one woman in China is taking it to another level: getting plastic surgery to look like Jessica Alba—with the intended purpose of winning her boyfriend back.

Xiaoqing, a 21-year-old from China, dated a 28-year-old man-child (he shall remain nameless) who has a sick fascination with Jessica Alba. He would cover his walls (6th grade girl style) with pictures of the actress and "talked about her constantly." He even bought Xiaoqing a blond wig to mimic Alba in the upcoming Valentine's Day movie. Yikes.

At some point she gathered her self worth and dumped the cad. But Xiaoqing soon found herself lonely after the end of the 18-month affair and turned to her friends for some encouragement. We aren't entirely sure what kind of people Xiaoqing surrounds herself with, but with friends like hers one doesn't need enemies. Friends Don't Let Friends Break Up Alone

Reuters reports it was Xiaoqing's friends who—when efforts to console her after her breakup didn't work—suggested she get plastic surgery to look like Alba. A local hospital evaluated Xiaoqing's requests (she'll need multiple surgeries to complete the transformation) and decided to do the procedures for free, as a means of advertising the wonderful work of its plastic surgery department.

"If she wants to look much better than she does now, for example if she wants her skin to look smoother and her overall facial facade to look more beautiful, I think we are able to help her fulfill her wishes," the hospital director said. "But if she wants to totally look like Jessica Alba, I would think she is still not confident of herself and that she needs to solve this problem psychologically." Poll: Should Spencer Have Stopped Heidi's Surgeries?

Nooo—ya think?! It's one thing to get celebrity-inspired plastic surgery (a sad phenomenon that the likes of Angelina-loving Octo Mom have accustomed us to), but it's another to transform your appearance for your boyfriend. The Dos And Don'ts Of Winning Back An Ex

Because the young and misguided are a stubborn lot, Xiaoqing has decided to go through with the surgeries.

As a member of the younger generation in this country, I have a choice to decide what I want in life. I have never been able to let him go. If in the end he still does not accept me after I undergo the plastic surgeries, I will give up. I will then choose to let go, start afresh and live life by myself.

We sincerely hope this mess gets the red light or Xiaoqing comes to her senses. After all, hasn't she thought how obnoxious it will be to plunk down your life savings to consistently get the "Has anyone ever told you that you look like Jessica Alba?" question long after the actress' luster (and the Facebook Doppelganger app's) popularity has faded?