Lindsay Lohan Feeds The Hole In Her Soul


Is Lohan's hoarding habit a means of dealing with her unhealthy relationships?

At this point, we're not sure whether we should pity Lindsay Lohan, or blame her for her perpetual problems. I mean, it's been such a rollercoaster ride. Over the past year or so, we've rooted for her relationship with Samantha Ronson to work out, mourned at its inevitable collapse, and felt conflicted over who was the bigger villain: Linds or her father, Michael Lohan. (And what about her party-happy mother?) Now, Linday reveals a problem with hoarding, reportedly a physical manifestation of her continuing struggles with her father.

Tonight, Lindsay Lohan appears on The Insider to discuss her hoarding habits with Niecy Nash. A video clip shows Linday giving Niecy a tour of her home, where a bedroom has been turned into a massive shoe closet, and the living room is filled with racks of clothes. Lindsay appears on the verge of tears as Niecy asks her about the emotions she's feeling due to unresolved issues with her dad. Aside from feeling better about our own shopping habits, we're not quite sure how to feel about Lindsay's latest confession. Previous shrinks have suggested to us that we've overshopped to fill a hole in our soul (whatever). Is Lindsay trying to fill the hole her errant father and ex-girlfriend have left behind?

Meanwhile—because she obviously needs more money for even more shoes—Lindsay has agreed to be businessman Richard Lugner's paid escort for Austria's Vienna Opera Ball. Her take? $150,000. (Sign us up?) While our first instinct is to think that of course Lindsay would do that sort of thing, we were surprised to discover that she's been preceded by some pretty classy ladies: Sophia Loren, Faye Dunaway, Andie MacDowell, Dita Von Teese, etc.

Obviously, we're all in the wrong field.