Jennifer Aniston's Bachelorette Pad: Jealous Brad?

Jennifer Aniston Architectural Digest

Not for lonely hearts, her new place is empowered!

Call me crazy, but I think what Jennifer Aniston did with her house (fine, mansion) is pretty inspiring. The confident and super-fit actress took over two years to rip out all signs of married life way back when, including the matching bath she had just for "him."

Jennifer Aniston lounges on the pages of the most recent issue of Architectural Digest looking smug and pretty. The tabs might tear her down for dating around and not really sticking with a partner, but I see a woman who is comfortable with herself and who likes being on her own.

The March issue of A.D. features shots of the results of 2.5 years of renovation.. and as PEOPLE points out, "the master suite is no longer guy-friendly." John Mayer Wants To Sleep With Jennifer Aniston

Architectural Digest commented that, in addition to her new wool-and-silk rug and her platform bed, "[The house] originally had his-and-hers baths, but Aniston has turned the 'his' into a spa bath with a soaking tub."

This is no bitter hag's home. Although Jen did rip out the guy's side of the bathroom and make a dream spa (WIN), she had a lot of additions that are perfect for entertaining: a 24-seat table, a gong to summon people to dinner, and a sprawling, single-level layout. Jennifer Aniston: Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, HA!

"I entertain for a living, and I entertain," she told the mag. "The house has a rather glamorous, old-fashioned Hollywood quality. I can just imagine the Rat Pack stopping by; someone is playing the piano, and people are laughing in the next room."

I bet she loves that redecorated house... and the spa. I'm so jealous!

Written by Meieli Sawyer Detoni for LimeLife.

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