Gov. Mark Sanford's Wife Tells All

Jenny and Mark Sanford
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Jenny Sanford says that her husband never vowed to remain faithful.

Last summer, the name on everyone's lips was Mark Sanford—the South Carolina governor who "went missing" during a hike along the Appalachian Trail, and found himself at the center of a political sex scandal when it was discovered that he had actually been in Argentina visiting his mistress, Maria Belen Chapur. 4 Political Summer Sex Scandals We'll Never Forget

Now, in an exclusive interview with 20/20's Barbara Walters, the governor's wife, Jenny Sanford, opens up about her marriage and says that she was "stunned" to learn of her husband's infidelity—even though Mark never promised to be faithful.

Jenny reveals that when she and Mark were planning their wedding, he made a request that would probably have been a deal breaker for most women: to remove the fidelity clause from their marriage vows. In a huge WTF moment, Jenny married Mark anyway, explaining "I questioned it, but I got past it ... along with other doubts that I had." 10 Signs He's Not The One

Those doubts came back to haunt her when, after 20 years of a "solid, supportive" marriage, Jenny discovered Mark's affair with Maria. Mark promised to end it, and Jenny decided to forgive him and try to keep their family intact. However, Jenny soon learned that her husband's feelings for this other woman were much deeper than she realized when he had the sheer balls to ask for permission to visit Maria, his "soul mate." Eventually, Jenny did allow Mark to see her, provided it would be the last time. Obviously, it wasn't, and when the affair exploded publicly, Jenny decided that she'd finally had enough. The Sanfords' divorce will be final this month

Mark Sanford sounds like a Grade A douche, but how bad should we feel for Jenny? She still married the guy after he selfishly demanded a wedding vow rewrite. Does love really make people that blind? How about it, folks? Would you still get married if your S.O. refused to "forsake all others?" Marriage Without Monogamy

Jenny Sanford's interview will air on 20/20 this Friday, the same day her book, Staying True is released.
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