Interracial Dating: Adventurous?


I start off with thanking you for reading my very first blog and i would like to know what you think. A friend of mine (let's call her Sera) cannot entertain any thought of ever having to date a man from her race.

Reason: she has tried the brothers but they just don't tick her the right way. Sera says she wants adventure, which she can only find in dating a man who is totally from a different background....and race. At this point, i can outrightly say its an obsession. Oh, i forgot to mention she likes caucasian guys. The problem is that her schedule doesn't grant her the time to always hangout wherever so she usually meets her potential guys online. With our occassional girly-talk, Sera shares with me about her current prospects and she gets all excited about it. These guys always seem to know the right words to say at the right time. And then comes the problem of having to determine who is serious and who isn't. Her main concern is that after a few weeks or months of chatting, they 'shutdown'. These are the times she needs me the most to soothe her heartaches. Then she has to start all over again. The cycle continues and one wonders whether she will ever meet the right one......

Well, she could use some of your experiences or advise.