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5 Valentine's Day Gifts We Actually Want


Because the standard chocolate and flowers Valentine's Day gifts are just not our thing.

Valentine's Day. It's coming, and fast. Feeling nervous? We understand. After all, we've seen you—time and time again—attempt some grand, sweeping, romantic gesture, only to fall back on the same-old, same-old. And we want you to know: It isn't worth it. Because, when it comes to what we want, we're pretty easy. We swear. And flowers, chocolates and jewelry are nowhere on our wish lists (though there is that one necklace we spotted on Etsy...). What we really want?

1. A heartfelt card.

Preferably one with lots of glitter. We love glitter. More important, though, is what's inside. We're not interested in some mushy-gusy, afterschool special-style, prewritten bit of flowery prose. We're interested in what you have to say, even if it's only "I'm so thrilled we ended up together" or "I promise to always keep your feet warm at night" or even "I'm glad we've managed to not kill each other yet." If you're looking for some fun greeting card options, we love these retro Valentines over at Fred Flare. Tell 'Em How You Feel

2. Our guiltiest pleasure.

We don't know what your girlfriend's into, but you should. You've certainly been with her long enough. All we know is that we wouldn't mind receiving Lady Gaga's Fame Monster album, because we're always flailing around the apartment to her dance-happy songs. Or candy buttons, because we've loved them since the age of 5, and have since mastered the art of eating them without also ingesting the paper they're attached to. Or multiple bags of our favorite coffee grinds (we won't even get into that addiction). Receiving a gift that ties into the activities or things we unabashedly enjoy shows us that you're paying attention.

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