3 New Ways To Date Online

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Turn your computer into your personal Cupid (for free).

So you hate online dating? Join the club. Maybe you've tried it and had some bad experiences. Maybe you'd rather die than try it. Either way, the internet is still a great place to find men because it reaches an infinite population youid never meet otherwise. So, what would you say if I told you that you could use the internet (and other modern technologies) to find Mr. Right without actually using an online dating site? Here are a few ideas to test out in the new year.

On Facebook
Finding great guys is all about networking through your friends, so scroll through the friend's lists of your friends on Facebook and play "I Spy A Cute Guy." If you spy someone intriguing, ask your mutual friend if he's single (or check his relationship status if his profile isn't private) and ask to be introduced. Because this isn’t an official online dating site, the pressure is off: you can get to know each other first as friends while eliminating most internet safety worries since you have a mutual friend who can vouch for him.

On Twitter
Send a tweet Friday afternoon that you're meeting friends at your favorite neighborhood pub or café, and say you're looking forward to anyone joining you for a spontaneous happy hour. Tell your "followers" to bring their friends. You're bound to meet new people, and even if they're not single, they might know someone to fix you up with later.

Through Meetup.com
Meetup groups are a social way to connect with people in your town around mutual interests. If you go to www.meetup.com and search something like "Detroit singles who love to travel," "Denver singles hiking", or even "New York single parents must love dogs", you'll find dozens of like-minded groups who gather regularly to merge their hobbies or passions with their search for a mate.

So, why not think outside the online dating box? Let technology be your personal cupid in a new way in 2010.

Written by Rachel Greenwald for More.com.

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