Is Taylor Lautner Over Taylor Swift?


He's been seen out and about with another blonde!

Magical creature Taylor Swift has had no trouble moving on from her breakup with Taylor Lautner. Rumors have abounded that she's heavily crushing on honorary douchebag John Mayer (heaven help us), and she's also been seen out and about with Glee star Cory Monteith (he's wholesome[-looking] and he can sing!). Lautner, however, has become the new Jennifer Aniston, pitied by all because the love of his life decided that she's better off without him. (His stint on Saturday Night Live didn't help any, especially after he made out with a cardboard cutout of Swift...awkward!)

So, of course, if he's seen even shaking hands with a girl, we're going to cross our fingers that he's finally found the one who can tenderly love the hurt away.

Well, we'll go you one better. On Sunday, January 31, Lautner showed up for the WME Grammy party (looking longingly for Taylor Swift? hoping to congratulate her on her five trillion Grammy wins?), and was seen hugging someone outside of the fete. Okay. Admittedly, he spent most of the party seated next to his agent, keeping—for the most part—to himself. But, somewhere between the beginning and the end of the party, he shared a long embrace with a blonde we'd like to pretend looks sorta like ex-girlfriend Taylor Swift. Because—honestly?—we want, nay, need him to find love again, and we're a little too old to (legally) provide him with that love ourselves.

Unfortunately, Lautner went home solo, leaving us to dream of what could have been for him and his mystery lady. Better luck next time you poor, lonely, piteous soul!