Dave Matthews Declines John Edwards' Wedding Gig

John Edwards Dave Matthews

Would sing in the John Edwards/Rielle Hunter wedding only for some major $$$.

John Edwards is such a douche. As earlier reported by the New York Times, within the upcoming Andrew Young tell-all is a telling piece of information about the former Presidential candidate's music preference: He just loves the Dave Matthews Band. John Edwards: I Fathered Rielle Hunter's Baby

Of course he does.

He and ex-lover Rielle Hunter love Dave Matthews so much that the Charlottesville-crooner had a special place in their post-Elizabeth fantasy wedding mix.

According to Andrew Young, Edwards made a promise to marry Rielle after the cancer-stricken Elizabeth passed away. It would be on a rooftop. A rooftop in New York City. And the Dave Matthews Band would play. Report: John Edwards Promised Mistress NY Wedding

Can't you just imagine John Edwards sweet talking this bull to Rielle while lying next to her in a rented Howard Johnson (paid by campaign dollars, naturally). Elizabeth Edwards' Angry Breast

So what did Dave have to say about that?

"He didn't ask me," Dave told Access Hollywood on Thursday night.

But if he had, Dave said his answer would likely have been "no."

"I would make a fair bet that I would have said no to such an offer," Dave smiled.

"Or, I would have charged him some incredible amount of money," Dave added with a chuckle.

Photo via Fame Pictures.