Second Thoughts On An Open Relationship

Love, Sex

One man has doubts about leaving monogamy behind.

I really want this girl in my life, she wants me to always be in her life. She is so lovely and wonderful I often feel compelled to describe in various ways my love for her through writing. I adore the romance with her. How To Master Commitment

I am very insecure, and I am working on that right now for the first time in my life. Some friends are helping me with this difficult task.
She is not hooking up with other guys, for the time being, until I feel I can cope and really believe that it won't be a big deal. I will continue to hit on girls and she is fine with that. Girls don't really hit on me so I have to go after them, but I haven't been successful.

So my questions are, 1) what the hell is wrong with me? 2) How healthy, or unhealthy, is this relationship? and 3) Are you going to tell me to end the relationship too?

Written by Curly for Divine Caroline.

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