Never Satisfied

Never Satisfied
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I find it very funny that we woman tend to be more complicated than we expect.  We seem to believe that we have it all figured out and know exactly what we want and how we are going to achieve that goal.  This is all fine and dandy, but let’s be very realistic…how many of us (woman) actually believe we are happy with what we want? Do we really know what we want to begin with? ….Great Career? Marriage? Lifestyle? Perfect mate? Long-term set plan? Etc?

We grow up in this capitalist male egotistical world thinking we can rise to the top and become whatever we want to be and granted most of us get there, but once there we find ourselves completely lost and lonely.  Funny thing is most woman love to be in control in the workplace yet in the bedroom different story.  Then again you dominate girls are a cunning in the playing field and in the playground of the bedroom, but getting back to the point…why is it that we are never satisfied?

A girl can have it going on, great career, wisteria lane lifestyle and wonderful children, yet if you sit her down and after a glass or wine or two she will dish out how she wishes for a more exciting life.  Why is that?

I have always wanted to be one of the girls who strives her way to the top and doesn’t stop till she gets what she wants and often described as Miss Independent.  Proud to hold that title and a great track record yet seem to find myself missing something.  Another stick to that tally marker!

Let’s face it honey as much or as powerful as we want to be if we lack love we feel useless.  Stop and think for a minute, remember that time you felt love or were with the one who just know how to make you “happy.”

Think about that for a moment, now let reminisce a little more, at that point in your life look at it overall.   What was different?  Did that Kool-Aid smile seem to stay be more permanent?  People around you noticed you were bubblier or just glowing, but could pin point just exactly what? Would you spend more time getting ready to make sure you looked extra perfect for him?  Would you be humming sweet melodies all day?  Would those butterflies in your tummy flutter every time you were near him?

If you answered yes to any of these; Yes Girl! You are one of us.  Think about it, at the point nothing really mattered in your life as far as your goals and ambitions, it was him.  He, who came in your life and stole your heart away.   Him, the one that could take that daily clutter and make it disappear in a second with a smile on his face.  At that point, he is the one!

The one you waited your whole life for.  The one you felt you could grow old with.  He may not be perfect but the feelings are strong and everything is so much better because he is with you.  You stand taller, smile more, and know that him being there you can do anything.  He is you strength and ambition.  Your missing link.  All of sudden your life is a fairytale come true.

Memorized when you look in his eyes, and submissive to his touch you are under this enchanted spell in his arms.  His kiss, with those lips and yours can send the US Firemarshall to the scene for it is so compelling that fireworks and explosions are but pity words used to describe this dynamic chemistry. 

Now when you make love it’s like he knows exactly where to touch you to make you sensational and as he presses his body against yours, it’s as if this magnificence creature was straight out of an epic romance novel.

He is your man, your love, the missing link, Soul Mate!  What happens next is all too common in are class.

We either take this man and enjoy him and keep him or we take the moment and rationalize that this is too good to be true so it must not, and let’s not go any further but enjoy this moment and move on.

How many of us have had this wonderful man in our life and just let him go, sometimes without a fight? Congrats to you girls who say this trophy and kept this man!  You are amongst the few who follow their heart and see what that sometimes it really is gold.  For the rest of us, what happened?  Were we too afraid of getting hurt? Did he not meet our overall standards?  Did he have a habit we could not cope with?  Let’s face it those are all lame excuses we tell ourselves to feel better about ourselves.

In reality ladies, this guy is our once in a lifetime, so to hell with our standards and composure.  It’s love baby!  What makes the world go round!  Put your self esteem aside and jump on the wagon and round up your man.  Let’s not live our life in regret!  You only live once, so my advice to you ladies is despite everything if this man is no longer in the picture if it’s meant to be do not leave it to chance, give faith a tug and go get your man.  Let him know that you need him and show him how much he really does mean to you (no fear, no holding back).  What do you have to lose??? Now go get your MAN! 

By: Victoria Rose

“Always Have Faith, Never Give Up Hope, Remember Love will Always Find A Way”—Victoria Rose