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Are Mom And Dad Meddling With Your Love Life?

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How to keep your parents' matchmaking tendencies at bay.

Tuesday night, Scott Brown, the newly elected Republican senator from Massachusetts, made his first political gaffe—but his wife's and daughters' jaws dropped the most when he did it.

That's because, during his acceptance speech, the "proud" dad announced to the world at large that his daughters, Ayla Brown, 21, a former "American Idol" finalist, and Arianna Brown, 19, were "available." Lemondrop: Arranged Marriage: Better Than The Bar Scene?

"Just in case anyone who's watching throughout the country, yes—they're both available," said Brown. To make matters more excruciating, Arianna, a pre-med student at Syracuse, currently has a boyfriend. Who was on stage with them.

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Written by Carrie Sloan for Lemondrop.


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