Sarah Silverman: Loves Alec Sulkin, Modern Warfare

Sarah Silverman's new boyfriend

And why that makes him boyfriend material.

Sarah Silverman is madly in love. You can just hear it in her voice. This CelebLover did, speaking with the comedienne last week via phone.

His name is Alec Sulkin, a writer for Family Guy, and he makes her laugh — somethings that's very important to her. The 10 Relationship Commandments

He also "is crazy about [me]," she said. Something that she is finally learning to appreciate, noting that for too long she, like many other women, often became unattracted to men who were emotionally available.

She's learned her lesson (ahem, Jimmy Kimmel!?), and she couldn't be happier.

(Season 3 of The Sarah Silverman Program premieres February 4th at 10:30pm/9:30c on Comedy Central.)

CL: How did you know Alec was boyfriend material, and do you have any tips for girls?  What they should look for in a man?

SS: I don't want to polarize women and men, but I feel like all of us, what we wish for, and then what we are attracted to are often so different. I remember my shrink told me, "We don't get what we want. We get what we think we deserve." So, you have to kind of work on accepting yourself before you feel like you deserve love. Because it's nice to actually be attracted to someone that's crazy about you, and just get to—. I love love, so I'm going to be corny and not funny, but I think it's awesome to just get to love somebody to pieces, and they just love you back to pieces. It's not a turn off because they like you, and mostly, yes, he's funny as …, you know?

CL: So someone who loves you, someone who's funny?

SS: Yeah, I'm one of those lucky people that's attracted to someone loving me. A lot of people aren't. You think you are, but you're not. For me, it almost makes life harder, but you've got to be funny. Also, we enjoy a lot of modern warfare—I think, what is it, Tour of Duty 5? I'd have to look on my thing.

So who is Alec Sulkin? You can get a good idea of what makes him so "special" by visiting his Twitter feed: @theSulk.

Below, a sampling of the humor that has won Sarah's heart:

"Weren't The Grammys amazing?", said no one to no one.

Ladies, I'll hold your hair back when you diarrhea. That's the kind of guy I am.

I'd rather @%*! my Grammy than watch The Grammy's, and she died in '87.

Your terrible life is my revenge.

If you've had sex to Van Halen, you're not black.

I pronounce country, "cuntry". That's why I say it with a sly smile.

Jewish moms make their sons feel special, then we spend the rest of our lives proving them wrong.

I regret that I will never have the chance to walk into a party with 1988 James Spader.

Photo via Bauer-Griffin.