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Sex dreams and gender, embracing your inner gay guy, and overlooked romantic comedies.

10 must-click love and relationship links

Tired of watching Love Actually and Sleepless in Seattle over and over again? Check out Em and Lo's list of top ten overlooked romantic comedies. [Em and Lo]

Authors said it first. Now, researchers have told women to stop holding out for Mr. Right. [TresSugar]

If you've ever uttered the phrase, "I'm a gay man stuck in a woman's body," read on about how to embrace your inner gay man. [Divine Caroline]

Good news, shy ones. Japanese company recently released DVDs of men and woman staring at the screen. The purpose? To help people get over social anxiety. [Buzzfeed]

What's the difference between men and women's sex dreams? HuffPo has the answer. [Huffington Post]

A single dude's advice on what to do if, out of nowhere, a guy starts ignoring your texts. [Glamour]

Who says that nerds don't have a lil somethin' somethin'? Sex advice from World of Warcraft players. [Nerve]

Ever wonder why you have a hard time meeting guys? Take the approachability quiz. [FNC iMag]

Awww. Mad Men bombshell Christina Hendricks' husband, actor Geoffrey Arend, stands up for her after a New York Times article criticized her "big" figure. [Popeater]

Why are female journalists in movies so lame? Double X explores Hollywood's tradition of portraying women journalists as damsels-in-distress. [Double X]


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