The ONE...


The One

    I’m sure everybody
has his or her own special someone, the person we all consider “The One” Clearly the
specific person I considered the one is also the one that got away. New
pictures uploaded! That’s the
latest update he had under his account in Friendster. I clicked on his profile hoping to see
pictures of him with the beautiful smile and mysterious eyes that I fell for
when I first saw him.  Browsing through the album, I noticed an
event that took place with friends and family.  There were colorful flowers, beautiful
lights, and everyone dressed so formally. Viewing each picture and
trying to figure out what or whose celebration it was, I finally crossed upon a
picture that made
tears fall continuously down my face. The slow motion scene in a movie suddenly became a
silent movie with pictures that I could clearly analyze.  A picture of a girl wearing a wedding
dress, holding a bouquet of flowers with a proud smile on her face with him wearing his black
suit and neatly tuck in long white sleeves standing up in front of the
alter.  It was his wedding!  He got married!  He belonged to someone!  Trying so hard to absorb what I was seeing, I
continued looking through the album, and there was a solo picture of his wife
with a caption on the top
saying “The one…”  I felt my heart stop.
The strong and devoted heart that could pull through
any heartache suddenly became fragile and wrecked into little pieces. I pitied myself with the
question why couldn’t I be “The one…” I should be the one wearing that wedding dress,
holding that bouquet of flowers and proudly smiling with him by my side. I had so many questions, so
many regrets, and filling out the sentence “What if…”  What if I had made a move the first time
I saw him?  What if I had gone to his
farewell party he had?  Could I have been “The one…”? I am
writing about the year 200_ when I admired and met the person that I thought was the one,
and how _ years later I found out that I was too late because he already got married.

    It was 200_ I was a
freshman, and he was a senior this was the year I met the person I thought was
the one. His beautiful smile and mysterious eyes are what caught my
attention.  Seeing him for the first time
was like a scene in a movie where everything I saw him doing was in slow
motion.  I admired him from that day
on.  I remember getting excited to go to
school everyday hoping to have a chance to have a glimpse of him just to
complete my day.  Weeks went by, and I
was in a long line for the cashier. 
Anxiously, I checked the big clock behind me hoping for it to stop
ticking, so that I wouldn’t be late for my exam. I turned around, noticing
another person behind me.  It was him! I
couldn’t see the big clock I intended to look at. All I saw was him smiling at
me and suddenly asked, “Hi! How are you? D_____ right?” (OMG! He knew my
name!) “Yes, I’m fine,” I shyly replied. “B____,” he introduced himself.
(Clearly, I already knew his name). 
Exchanging conversation, I realized I was the next person in line.  It’s funny how a while ago I just wanted to
cut everyone in line, but at that moment I was really hoping for someone to
rudely cut in front of me just to make our conversation a little longer.  Luckily, at some point of our conversation,
we exchanged numbers. We started to get to know each other as days went by. I
find out I wasn’t the only one who had the slow motion movie scene.  He bravely told me that the first time he saw
me I was the new girl in school with the dimples that appears every time I
smiled, French tip nails, butterfly tattoo on the lower back, and the purple
underwear that he saw through my white uniform. 
I knew there was some kind of chemistry between us, but when people ask
or tease about the things they notice between us, we never denied it but we
never agree that we were a couple. We just laugh and go along with what others
was thinking and saying. 

    All those stolen looks he and I gave to each other,
the extra concern when one of us is sick, endless conversation we had on the
phone right after being together the entire day and the importance of our
presence if there’s a family party. I wanted to know where I stand, what I was
to him, a friend, a special friend, or girlfriend maybe. I’ve given it many
thoughts and finally build up enough courage to ask him one night.
Unfortunately, he beat me to it. No, he didn’t ask me what I was going to ask
him. He said something else that saved me from embarrassment. He sat down in
front of me, saying “hey, you have to be there for my graduation ceremony ok,
promise” and I said “Yes I wouldn’t miss it! “Good I won’t forgive you if you
don’t show up.” Smiling at each other, he continues to tell me his plans after
he graduates. I just sat there starring at him, while he informed me that,
after he passes the board exam, he was off to ______. I hugged and told him how
proud I was of him, I was tearing up, and he asked why I’m sad, all I could say
was “I’m not sad, theses are tears of joy”. Deep inside I wanted to beg him not
to leave, but I didn’t want to be selfish by holding him back. It’s like saving
up my allowance just to buy a bag, and finally going back to the store finding
out that it was already out of stock. I guess that bag wasn’t meant for me. I
am sure I would see another bag out there, but for now I’ll set aside the money
I saved up. A week before he had to leave the _____. He invited me to his
farewell party, but I decided not to go. I didn’t want to see him; it was hard
enough as it was, so why continue torturing myself. That night I turned off my
cell phone and went to sleep, I woke the next day with messages from him,
saying “you avoided me, I didn’t enjoy my farewell party at all, cause I was on
my cell the entire time trying to reach you. I can’t believe you couldn’t give
me time on my last night to be with you, and now I have 20 minutes left to call
you before my plane leaves and still you can’t give me that, your so unfair”. I
felt so bad, but I figure it was better off that way.

       _ years passed
since I last saw him.  I still admired
him; I constantly browsed through his account in Friendster, and we managed to
keep in touch at some point telling each other to go visit; unfortunately, he
couldn’t because of his new job. As for me, I was still in school and had a job
that I worked hard to achieve.  In the
end of 200_, my parents wanted me to come back to ______ and continue my
studies there.  I was excited to go and
wished that I could meet up with him.  I
knew he would be in _____, so with a little research online I check some
tourist spot and a hotel to stay in and hopefully surprise him. I said, “This
is it!” The bag I wanted before are in stock again and having the money set a
side for it before, I was positive that I wouldn’t run out of stock of the bag
this time. Only to find out, that the bag I wanted was up for bid. I was too
late, the bidding started, and I never even had a chance to bid on it, because
I found out he was already married. 

    Still wondering where
I was when she caught his attention why could I be there at that moment. I’m
jealous of the loving words he enlightens her; I envy the hugs that wrap around
her and the kisses that touch her lips that supposes to be mine.  Despite the heavy feelings he left in me, I
still admire him, but I know he was never meant for me. Everybody has a person
to call the one; some are lucky to end up with the person we call the one. I
guess I wasn’t so lucky. With bitterness, I left him a message greeting him
with “Best wishes for the both of you!” He later on responded saying, “I
waited, I just didn’t know if the one I was really waiting for was ever going
to come… I have always adored you Den from the moment I saw you, you weren’t
just a special friend to me, there were times I just wanted to agree with our
friends when they ask us, if we were a couple, I was just afraid you would
disagree and I would loose you! You meant so much to me; I never got the chance
to tell you that. I came here to start working as soon as possible so that as
soon as you graduate or when I save up enough money I would go back there to
ask you to marry me” Hardly seeing the screen as tears began to build up in my
eyes, I typed him one last message insisting, “I have always admired you.  I wanted to be the one for you. The night you
told me that you were leaving in a few months, was suppose to be the night I
ask you what you felt for me, and I was going to tell you what I felt also. It
wasn’t tears of joy that fell that night but it was tears of you leaving me.
You never gave me a chance before, even the chance now to let you know that I
love you! Now, that I’m only just 97miles away from you. I have enough courage
to tell you how I feel and ask or maybe even beg for you to give me a chance,
it too late. The one you were waiting for is here, B____  I’m right here! I’m here because of you! But
I can’t do anything about it now its too late.  B____, if there is such thing as a next lifetime. Please, promise me to
wait a little longer, and let me be THE ONE for you.”