Silent Nights? Online Conversation

Silent Nights? Online Conversation

According to Online Dating Magazine, more than 40 million single Americans have used dating sites at one time or another.  Of that, three million are married or in long-term relationships.  Online dating has come a long way since it began entering our homes in the 90’s.

Even with such favorable figures, many people have a hard time breaking the silence and changing their status from single surfer to committed couple.  If you’re struggling with what to say or how to begin a conversation, you’re not alone.  The key is taking the time to read each profile and construct your introduction so that you go from pen pal to first date in no time.

Caught on Film
It takes a lot of thought and vulnerability to post a photo online.  If want to get past the cliché “Hello, how are you?” scan their picture and find a detail that would otherwise go unnoticed.  Maybe their rocking some nice bling, their hair was styled special or they’re sporting a hot tie.  Why keep the compliments to yourself?  Open up your first email with a sincere expression about something you noticed.  Flattery is a great way to get someone’s attention.

 Rapping to their Beat
You’ve just found someone online that you’d like to get to know more about but you don’t know what to say to get the conversation started.  Read their profile and make note of their interests.  Most people will list the activities they enjoy most such as basketball, photography, or shooting pool.  They could mention that they like comedy movies or that they like to sing.  If they’ve given you any of this information in their profile, they’ve made your first introduction easy.  Ask them what the funniest movie is they’ve ever seen or how long they’ve been snapping photos.  If you’re brave enough, you could even end the email by inviting them out for a competitive game of pool or a fun-filled karaoke night.


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