Simon Monjack Suing Hollywood For Brittany Murphy

Simon Monjack Suing Hollywood For Brittany Murphy

Is he overcome with grief, insane, or just plain sketchy?

Brittany Murphy's husband, Simon Monjack, has scored a lengthy interview with The Daily Beast's Gerald Posner. In it, interesting/insane/sketchy revelations abound. First and foremost: his declaration to sue Warner Brothers for wrongful death.

"They killed her," he said, blaming his wife's heart attack on the stress and "devastation" of being "let go" from Happy Feet 2.

Quite a statement from someone with an insanely high (higher than Albert Einstein's) IQ. Here are some other memorable quotes:

On rumors that his drunk antics were behind her firing from The Caller:

"Every story needs a villain, and everyone has decided it is me," Monjack says. "The reports about the Puerto Rican set are fantasy. I was never, ever drunk there. What I did do was demand they follow union rules and after she had worked 12-hour days, six days a week, that she get the breaks she was entitled to. I was 'difficult' because I was the enforcer to protect Brittany. She was far too nice to stand up to directors and producers who wanted her to work to exhaustion."

On why Hollywood can't stand Simon Monjack:

Sharon Murphy, Brittany's mother, visited the Puerto Rican set frequently. "Simon protected Brittany," she says. "That is the role he assumed after they married and it's why a lot of people in Hollywood can't stand him."

On finding Brittany unconscious in their bathroom:

"I came running in. I immediately started doing CPR." Sharon remembers that the 5'3" Murphy, at barely over 100 pounds, seemed so very tiny as her 6'2", 235-pound husband worked on her.  "I felt a tiny heart beat," Monjack told me, his voice cracking over the phone. "I was pushing with the heel of my hand. And every second I pushed, I felt my hand become stronger and her heart weaker. And then it stopped. And I kept pushing. She died in my arms. I knew she was dead."

On his request to not have an autopsy:

"It was nothing sinister at all. I just looked at Sharon's grieving face, and there was no way either of us wanted them to cut open this perfect 32-year-old girl. It wasn't about hiding anything; it was just the horror of thinking of what they would do to her body."

On accusations that he was a male gold-digger:

"I spent over a million on her engagement rings," he told me. "And probably $3 million on clothes."

"$3.5 million," interrupts Sharon, standing nearby and listening to the conversation.

"When Brittany died, she had 60 pieces of unworn Louis Vuitton. The dog had Louis Vuitton. This was all me. We kept our money separate. When I took Brittany out shopping, I paid for everything." Their sprawling, multimillion dollar home, where they lived together with Sharon, was his.